顔写真 助教 
Vohra Varun 
ボーラ バルーン 
Varun VOHRA 


DEUG equivalent in Materials Science Possibility to pass the exam for prestigious engineering schools in France  Chaptal (Classe Préparatoire aux Grandes Ecoles)  2003/06/27 
材料科学工学ディプロマ  European School of Chemistry, Polymers and Materials  2006/09/15 
Master's Degree in Materials Science  Louis Pasteur University  2006/09/22 
PhD in Materials Science  Milano-Bicocca University  2009/12/17 


自己集合  2006/11/01-2009/12/17  Zeolite L based organic/inorganic hybrid system to enhance the PL properties of organic dye molecules. 
エレクトロスピニング  2006/11/01-現在  Process to produce various types of functional polymeric nanofibers. white-light emitting nanofibers, electro luminescent nanofibers. 
ポリマー自己集合  2006/11/01-現在  Breath Figures Array (BFA) Electrospun self-assembled nanofibers Formation of nanostructures through polymer-polymer self-assembly (phase separation) 
有機EL  2007/09/01-現在  Development of new and innovative types of light-emitting devices based on conjugated polymer materials. Integration of conjugated polymer nanofibers into device architecture. 
有機太陽電池  2010/05/15-現在  Formation of donor-acceptor concentration gradients in active layers. New materials for OPV New Device architectures Molecular orientation and morphology of the active layer 

著書  Interface Engineering: A Key Aspect for the Potential Commercialization of Printable Organic Photovoltaic Cells  Varun VOHRA, Nur Tahirah Razali, Hideyuki Murata  Wiley-Scrivener  2017/05 
著書  Systematic study of organic solar cells cross-section by EDS to correlate donor-acceptor vertical concentration gradients and device performances  Varun VOHRA Nur Tahirah Razali Hideyuki Murata  One Central Press  2017/01  978-1-910086-19-3 
著書  Chemical Science of π-Electron Systems  Varun Vohra, Koichi Higashimine, Keisuke Ohdaira, Shogo Tsuzaki, Hideyuki Murata  Springer  2015  978-4-431-55356-4 

一般論文  有  Polarized Emission from Conjugated Polymer Chains Aligned by Epitaxial Growth during Off-Center Spin-Coating  Takuya Anzai William Porzio Varun Vohra  Journal of Chemistry  2017, 8637108-  2017/10/17 
一般論文  有  All solution-processed micro-structured flexible electrodes for low-cost light-emitting pressure sensors fabrication  Rie Shimotsu, Takahiro Takumi, Varun Vohra  Scientific Reports  7, 6921-  2017/07/31 
一般論文  有  Low-Cost and Green Fabrication of Polymer Electronic Devices by Push-Coating of the Polymer Active Layers  Varun Vohra, Wojciech Mroz, Shusei Inaba, William Porzio, Umberto Giovanella, Francesco Galeotti  ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces  9, 25434-25444  2017/07/07 
一般論文  有  Fabrication Processes to Generate Concentration Gradients in Polymer Solar Cell Active Layers  Shusei Inaba Varun Vohra  Materials  10/ 5, 518-  2017/05/09 
一般論文  有  Transfer-printing of active layers to achieve high quality interfaces in sequentially deposited multilayer inverted polymer solar cells fabricated in air  Varun Vohra, Takuya Anzai, Shusei Inaba, William Porzio & Luisa Barba  Science and Technology of Advanced Materials  17, 530-540  2016/09/12 

学会口頭発表  Increasing the short-circuit current densities of polymer photovoltaic devices using self-assembled polymer nanostructures  NANOSMAT-Asia 2017  NANO-87  有  VOHRA Varun  2017/12/05 
学会口頭発表  Oriented conjugated polymer films with polarized photoluminescence properties.  IRAGO 2017  GSS2-9  有  Takuya Anzai, Varun Vohra  2017/11/02 
学会口頭発表  Formation of adequate donor-acceptor vertical concentration gradients in polymer solar cell active layers  IRAGO 2017  GSS2-3  有  Shusei Inaba, Varun Vohra  2017/11/02 
学会口頭発表  Tuning the dimensions of self-assembled porous structures for enhanced light in-coupling in organic photovoltaic devices  IRAGO 2017  P38  有  Takahiro Takumi, Chiara Botta, Umberto Giovanella, Francesco Galeotti, Varun Vohra  2017/11/01 
学会口頭発表  Integration of self-assembled polymer nano- and microstructures into opto-electronic devices  IRAGO 2017  PPS1  有  Takuya Anzai, Takahiro Takumi, Chiara Botta, Umberto Giovanella, Francesco Galeotti, Varun Vohra  2017/11/01 

NENCS Poster Award (Student)  Multilayer Active Layer Polymer Solar Cells with Enhanced Charge Collection and Power Conversion Efficiencies  2017/10/30 
ICOE2017 Poster Award  Push-coating: a low-cost and green fabrication approach to polymer electronic devices  2017/06/06 
UNIMAS Silver Innovation Award  Lamination and Spray Coating of Organic Solar Cells  2017/05/18