Zhao Xiao 
ジャオ シャオ 
Xiao ZHAO 

理学博士  University of Chinese Academy of Sciences  2013/01/06 


酸素還元反応用電極触媒  2014/12/01-現在 

一般論文  有  Simultaneous Improvements in Performance and Durability of an Octahedral PtNix/C Electrocatalyst for Next-Generation Fuel Cells by Continuous, Compressive, and Concave Pt Skin Layers  共著  7/ 7, 4642-4654  2017/06/07 
一般論文  有  PdxCu100-x networks: an active and durable electrocatalyst for ethanol oxidation in alkaline medium  Zhao, Xiao, Zhang, Jian, Wang, Liangjun, Liu, Zhaolin, Chen, Wei  JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A  2/ 48, 20933-20938  2014  2050-7488  10.1039/c4ta04899g 
一般論文  有  Biomass-derived N-doped carbon and its application in electrocatalysis  Zhao, Xiao, Zhu, Jianbing, Liang, Liang, Li, Chenyang, Liu, Changpeng, Liao, Jianhui, Xing, Wei  APPLIED CATALYSIS B-ENVIRONMENTAL  154, 177-182  2014/01  0926-3373  10.1016/j.apcatb.2014.02.027 
一般論文  有  Pt-Pb hollow sphere networks: self-sacrifice-templating method and enhanced activity for formic acid electrooxidation  Zhao, Xiao, Zhu, Jianbing, Cai, Weiwei, Xiao, Meiling, Liang, Liang, Liu, Changpeng, Xing, Wei  RSC ADVANCES  3/ 6, 1763-1767  2013  2046-2069  10.1039/c2ra22536k 
一般論文  有  Surface reconstruction enhancing activity of Pt/C for formic acid electrooxidation by ultrasonic mixing with Pb/C and electrochemical activation process  Zhao, Xiao, Zhu, Jianbing, Liang, Liang, Li, Chenyang, Liu, Changpeng, Xing, Wei  APPLIED CATALYSIS B-ENVIRONMENTAL  129, 146-152  2013/01  0926-3373  10.1016/j.apcatb.2012.08.028