Grants-in-aid for scientific research
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1 New Paradigm to Construct Public Key Cryptographic Schemes for Lightweight Devices with Provable Security against Quantum Attackers
"Scientific research (C), general"
Public Key Cryptographic (PKC) schemes are an essential technology to build secure communication in networks. However, it has been proven that quantum computers can break all current standard PKC schemes, and moreover, the research on developing practical quantum computers has been gaining momentum in recent years. The main goal of this proposed research is to develop a new paradigm based on (1) computational problems in the binary field which
are hard even for quantum computers, and (2) a new framework for proving security against quantum computers, to overcome those flaws and then use it to construct new PKC schemes which require small costs for implementation and are equipped with concrete security proof against quantum computers. As application target, we expect that the results of this project can be applied to secure communication between lightweight devices against quantum computers in networks comprising a large variety of devices such as the Internet of Things (IoT).
2 IoT社会の高度化に必要な多端子情報理論と暗号理論を柱とした安全通信理論の構築

IoTの急速な進歩により,悪意を持った第三者(以後敵と記す)のハードウェア攻撃とよばれる暗号系への物理的アクセスが高度化かつ多様化し,秘密情報漏えいの危険性が著しく増大している.本研究は,この問題の根本的解決に挑む.具体的には多端子情報理論と暗号理論を基盤として IoT 環境下での情報漏えいの理論的モデルを構築する.このモデルに基づき,敵から想定される最大級の攻撃を受けた場合も,既存暗号系を変更せずに秘密情報の漏れを防止し,安全通信を維持できるための理論的条件と維持の具体的方法とを与える.理論結果の導出では,研究代表者が開発した独自の手法を更に発展させた手法を用いる.また,理論の検証と実用化への見通しを目的として,IoT 環境下における暗号通信系を実システムあるいは計算機上の仮想システムとして実現して通信実験を行う.

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