Number of published data : 5
No. Awards Title Date awarded
1 2014 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad

2 Silver Award BES-SEC Students' Design Competition
Design an infection screening system based on multiple vital-signs for prevention of pandemic diseases in developing countries.
3 BES-SEC Design Merit Award
A Low-cost Screening System for Objective Diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder Using Heart Rate Variability Derived from Photoplethysmogram Sensor (Mai Kobayashi)
4 Student Travel Award at IEEE Sensors Applications Symposium
Dengue Fever Screening Using Vital Signs by Contactless Microwave Radar and Machine Learning. (Xiaofeng Yang)
5 Young Researcher Encouragement Award at The 1st ECTI UEC Workshop on AI and Application
Development of Remote Infection Screening System Using RGB Camera and Thermography.