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The University of Electro-Communications (5)
Graduate School of Informatics and Engineering, School of Informatics and Engineering (266)
Graduate School of Informatics and Engineering (5)
School of Informatics and Engineering (0)
Research Organization for Coherent Photon Science (12)
Advanced Wireless and Communication Research Center (3)
Center for Space Science and Radio Engineering (1)
Center For Neuroscience And Biomedical Engineering (4)
Info-Powered Energy System Research Center (5)
Artificial Intelligence eXploration Research Center (3)
Innovation Research Center for Fuel Cells (3)
Data Educational Center (1)
Health Care Center (2)
Organization for Education and Student Support (4)
Information Technology Center (3)
Center for Developing e-Learning (1)
Center for International Programs and Exchange (8)
Coordinated Center for UEC Research Facilities (3)
Center for Industrial and Governmental Relations (5)
Planning and Investigation Office (1)
Emeritus Professor (130)