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 At the University of Electro-Communications approximately 340 faculty members are engaged in teaching and research and they are actively pursuing their responsibilities in various fields. It is my belief that in order to return the fruit of our activities to society the first step we should take is to widely publicize these results.

Until now we have periodically published and distributed booklets such as "FACULTY RESEARCH ACTIVITIES AND PUBLICATIONS" and "FACULTY WHO'S WHO". Its effect, however, has been rather modest due to a limited number of circulations as well as a certain lead time necessary for updating the information.

Now we have created a website for "RESEARCHER PROFILE" with which anyone can get the latest information of individual faculty in our university.

You could find this website useful in various ways. For example, you can simply browse through the website to get the general idea of faculty population or you can search through the website in order to pick up researchers in a specific field. It is my sincere hope that with this RESEARCHER PROFILES we could further improve the close relation with society and thus result in further improvement of our teaching and research activities.


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